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Heavy Hearts Latest Version: 0.4.2 Hotfix01 as of MAR 15 2023

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Humans are near extinct. Only a few remain, living in isolation. Those that are found are used for slave labor, pleasure, or worse. Orcs, Lycans, Drakes, and other various creatures would love to get their hands on one. Luccia will find out what happened, stop the extinction, and repopulate the human race (some mixing may occur!)

Breaking away from the overcrowded Adult Visual Novel style game, Heavy Hearts is an action game with lewd content. 

- Exploration, looting, and trading: Scavenge various materials across the land and craft/trade for other survival / lewd items

- Sneak around, avoiding detection from sentient races looking to cash in on rare breeds of humans. The worst thing that can happen is they turn you in... right?

- ATB Fights! Normal attacks build the ATB gauge (called NRG). Each filled gauge adds a Combat Orb to your Hud, which can be used for abilities. With each orb, you can charge Magic a level, and blast enemies away. 

-STAGGER! Run out of HP and you die, but run out of Poise and you will be put into a staggered, vulnerable state. 

The gameplay is optimized for Keyboard use. Z=Attack, X=Magic, C=Block.

Time your blocks correctly and you can counterattack!

Mouse and Controller support is coming.

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Heavy Hearts is an ATB/Turn Based Battler featuring art from Cheka Art Studio, and published by Shady Corner Games.

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Updated 12 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(383 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
Made withAseprite, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
TagsAdult, Eroge, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Furry, Hentai, NSFW, Pixel Art, Romance
Average sessionA few minutes


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is there cheats? i really wanna skip some levels

I can't access level 9 for some reason even tho I have 2 stars in level 8. Am I missing something?

Where do I get the gravewort?

its on the left of the castle entrance

So is that in lvl 8?

What would you ballpark the sexual fetishes covered in this game? Obviously I assume you fuck Orcs, Tentacle Monsters, maybe wolves, but is it like - noncon, forced, gangbang, etc?

Is there a gallery that unlocks at some point or do you have to go through all the previous levels to see the scenes?

When i try to run application it says application was unable to start correctly and some code having zeros and 7b. Can anyone guide me to fix this error?

Youll need to tell me a littlw bit about your pc

OS - Windows 11

Ram - 8 GB

Processor - Amd Ryzen 5 3600

Graphics Card - Nvidia GeForce GT 710

lots could possibly go wrong. That graphics card is from 2015 and AMD hardware often has compatibility issues.

Since HH is a low spec game, it could also be your hardware drivers so make sure they are all up to date.

Sorry for asking, but can you help me with one problem with my PC? I ran another software and also got this 000007b issue.

only thing I can help you with is that it is a problem with your PC. Might just be old, or needs a tuneup


i honestly wonder could you make a version of this game to where there are like alot if you could women and like a character screen for like guys to play pls lol


I dont understand


i was wondering if you could pls make another character like a guy or another version of this game for guys because i accidently downloaded it and it seems like all the other characters are guys.

question how toi get verdecite stone i loked ewry where but dont understand how to get there


Some honest feedback. Great game but your save locations are in really bad spots. I would honestly suggest either allowing us to save on the world map before entering a new area or put save locations at the start of the new area.

(1 edit)

Hey DamnitBird, just purchased the game and the latest build on Itch is from October 2023, how do I get access to the latest stuff?

I've also been a part of the discord for a while now but when I had a look just now, I wasn't so I had to join again, weird..

You have the latest stuff.  The next build will be out on Patreon  & Itch soon.
As for this discord server, i'm not sure if I can help you unless I know your discord handle.

Oh cool, that's all good, I thought I might have missed a link or something.

My discord handle is alpab3ts0up.

Is there a android version

And if there's not 

Will they'll be a android version

nope, and nope.

I have seen people use emulators to make it work on Android though


Quick question

Do you know how to install games files with zips  on them

I tried removing the zip and putting apk instead but that doesn't work 

Unzip/opining them?

How tho?

open them/tipp one time (androide)/double click (PC)

Do you know how?

What are the system requirements for this game? I keep trying to play the demo, but it immediately closes after the window appears.

Pretty low sysreq. This is a game in development so requirements are not solidified. You need a windows PC with up to drivers (run windows update) and a graphics card that has been manufactured at least within the past 7 years.

It's probably not a system requirements problem then. Maybe the download archive is missing some dependency? Has anyone else had this issue? I just downloaded the demo package a few days ago. Game looks great! I was hoping to try out the game to decide if I want to buy it.

Nevermind, the problem is my computer.

When i try to run application it says application was unable to start correctly and some code having zeros and 7b. Can you tell me what solved your problem?

I had to run it on a different computer. The laptop I was trying to run it on is 10 years old.

But my pc is not that old. It is good.

hi, will there ever be a version for MAC?

Unfortunately not, however, I have seen people emulate it on a Mac before.

unfortunately wine doesn't work for my mac, it just crashes. I have macos sonoma 

When will the full game be out? Sorry if im uninformed but this game is great, and i can tell there was a lot of effort put into it.


my goal is to complete it this year, but could be longer


Please add android version... please

How do i go about switching languages?

Settings in F1

what do i need to do after i killd the arcane golem?

there are some areas that were previously blocked off by red stones that you can access now

This Game is goo my man, just a question how do I se the secenes? I Didnt find how馃槥

This game is great, my only criticism would be that there isn't enough save points. I was only playing the demo so I don't know if this is fixed in the full version. I think after each level the game should save, because if you lose on the next level you have to start all the way back at (sometimes the beginning of) the previous level. Definitely gonna pick up the full version soon

Version 0.5.2 will ask the player to save after each level completion.


Your demo version crashes on the second boss. The intro is too long, I'm tired of starting the game for the third time


then don't start it.

ican't play the game, no matter what i press or what i click i can't do anything, i'm stuck in the main menu



so i just dowloaded the demo version and when i launch the game it just doesn't allow me to select anything on the title screen? like i can click that yes, i am over 18, and after that i can't really do anything. arrow keys work to change what option on the title screen is highlighted, but i can't actually start a new game or go to the settings menu or anything else.

Z, x, c or v






(2 edits) (+2)

Since others have already done it, I'd like to add my feedback here as well.

1. Some areas like a cave entrance in the eastern part of the leen bridge level, as well as some loot, like the verdicite in the orc villa level, seems unreachable.

2. I do not understand, for the life of me, how to fight orcs. Since their attacks are not parryable you will quickly run out of poise and be unable to defend yourself, so I am assuming fighting them is supposed to be a DPS race. I just about managed to beat Grobei with furious button mashing, but the Orcosaurus seems downright impossible to out-DPS, even with no regen. If this is a skill issue, please let me know.

3. It would be nice if I could somehow buff myself before going into battles. The tent and slime buffs are well and good but don't do that much. Being able to eat some items might be a good way to buff yourself more significantly.

4. The movement varies for some reason. Sometimes you go very slow, sometimes very fast. Might be an issue related to performance.

5. It would be amazing if I could switch from attacking to blocking / parrying faster. Oftentimes I just choose to take additional hits for the sake of damage.

Outside of this the only complaints I have are regarding grammar, which frankly just is not that big of a deal. You're doing a great job, DB, and this game has been very enjoyable thus far. Excited for what else you might come up with.


Thank you for the feedback. To address some of this, there are some things that are not attainable yet, or require you to go back later for it.

Many of the regular battles can be won without blocking at all honestly. 

Orcosaurus takes additional damage from Lightening attacks.

The movement varying is a performance issue with your PC.

Im always trying to refine the combat, but my focus right now is to make the game more lewd and enjoyable.

please swing by the discord if you are interested! Thank you so much for the feedback!

How do you beat the arcane golem? I can't seem to do any effective damage to it when using cold/fire spells and melee.

when it's blue, use fire attack. When it's red, it's a DPS race using ice.

Is it gonna be on Android? :D


(1 edit)

I am absalutely loving this game so far (2 hours in) and I think I'm blind because I can't find an option to save, can someone tell me how to save my progress so i don't lose it all and have to start from the beginning? thanks!

Edit: never-mind, I found it. I'll play through the lot and give an update once I finish it.

Glad you love it. I hope you continue to love it as the game progresses

(1 edit) (-2)

Look, I get as a solo developer making these things happen is quite difficult, truly I understand. I also understand youre probably busy irl as well, but, its been quite a huge while since any huge update for this game. I suppose the story must come to an end and such, however im just dissapointed a bit because this game has a lot of potential in it.

Im sorry, im working on getting the next update out now. Holiday season was very hard.

my goal is quarterly updates. Please bear with me

I can't play this game, I keep getting 0X0000 errors or something.

update your pc

Where do i find Cobalite? I have farmed enemies and scoured the maps but cannot find this bloody thing to finish the Orcasaurus quest.

try continuing in the game. There is a collectible one in the later levels.

(1 edit)

You can buy it at the merchant, it's this item and costs a solid 5k gold. You'll also need the rubicite for 350g and the procedure of making the inhibitor thing costs an additional 800g on top of that. I just grinded the villa combat intro and sold all the drops until I had enough cash.

How much BDSM is in this game?


is full mouse playability planned?

Unfortunately not. I tried it with the exploration levels and the pathfinding was very bad. There is no way to make pathfinding good on the engine I use

Will the game be available to linux?

Unfortunately not


You can actually play it on Linux, I did it. Just add HH's executable to steam as a 'non-steam game' and enable proton experimental. Works like a charm with zero issues.


where's the save orb man I cannot save or shit

(1 edit)

I have the paid version, yet I can't seem to find out how I'm supposed to get the item Scab needs to stop Orcasuarus from regenerating, I've explored everywhere I currently have access to and yet I've only found the green rock (I can't remember how to spell it) he needs. The blacksmith mentions two other stones I need, but I can't find them, is there a guide or something somewhere? 

Edit: Before I forget, I love this game and it's pretty fun most of the time, though it can be a bit annoying at times (but that's very rare)

glad you like it! Some of those items are found in later levels. I recommend you keep playing and they should pop up or be randomly generated by enemies.


I ended up finding it last night, but I also ran into several bugs, one was while playing as the wolf in the last level I kept duplicating, which allowed me to get to some places I was supposed to get to. And another where going back to the Order of Aether place after already beating it, and beating it again, results in you no longer being able to regen poise, or generate the magic balls, and winning the fight makes it so you can't move in the world map anymore.

Thanks for reporting that. Ill look into it

I wish you good luck! Also just to check, is the most recent hotfix listed on itch the most recent paid version? Since that's the version I was playing on

thanks, and yes, itch has the latest version as of now.

Subscribers on patreon /substar get the next builds first though

For some reason I can't seem to start the game? Like, the game menu is up and I can use the arrow to move up and down the options but clicking them or hitting enter/space doesn't do anything? I've tried everything but the game just won't work...

the buttons are Z X C and V

Loving the game! Just wondering how many levels are in the paid version of the game?

right now, 9. 

(2 edits)

MSVCP140.dll. missing
is it game file or i need to download it from browser?

edit:i fixed it but now i get 0xc000007b error

edit:fixed this shit too just by downloading last drivers


Please add Android platform 

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