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Heavy Hearts Latest Version: 0.4 as of DEC 20 2022

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Humans are near extinct. Only a few remain, living in isolation. Those that are found are used for slave labor, pleasure, or worse. Orcs, Lycans, Drakes, and other various creatures would love to get their hands on one. Luccia will find out what happened, stop the extinction, and repopulate the human race (some mixing may occur!)

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Breaking away from the overcrowded Adult Visual Novel style game, Heavy Hearts is an action game with lewd content. 

- Exploration, looting, and trading: Scavenge various materials across the land and craft/trade for other survival / lewd items

- Sneak around, avoiding detection from sentient races looking to cash in on rare breeds of humans. The worst thing that can happen is they turn you in... right?

- ATB Fights! Normal attacks build the ATB gauge (called NRG). Each filled gauge adds a Combat Orb to your Hud, which can be used for abilities. With each orb, you can charge Magic a level, and blast enemies away. 

-STAGGER! Run out of HP and you die, but run out of Poise and you will be put into a staggered, vulnerable state. 

The gameplay is optimized for Keyboard use. Z=Attack, X=Magic, C=Block.

Time your blocks correctly and you can counterattack!

Mouse and Controller support is coming.

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Heavy Hearts is an ATB/Turn Based Battler featuring art from PixelTheWise & N1 Studios, Cheka, among other artists featured on Itch.

Updated 9 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(184 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
Made withAseprite, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
TagsAction RPG, Adult, Eroge, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Furry, NSFW, Pixel Art, Romance
Average sessionA few minutes


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Ok so Im stuck on level 8 of the Public Demo. I have gotten to where Luccia is and it says I need to find something to wake her up but I have been looking for 2 hours and cant figure out what I need. If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

Check in the castle courtyard where all the tentacles are... top left corner of map.

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Btw, i think the problem with no spicy version available for downloading,even if i bought the game is represented by the fact that i bought with 8,99$ as it was back in the days,and now asks for 9,99$.So the itch site doesnt recognise the purchase anymore.

which is incredibly stupid.

I wi make sure you have the latest version at all times. Just contact me on discord

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hey when i buy the game here on itchio will i have the "(The Spicy version contains additional explicit content)" too or only on subscribestar ? 


The paid version here on itch.io is the spicy version. 

of course, substar and patreon get it mich earlier.

i brought it and must say i like it just one thing that confused me is at the end of mission 6 that i would play the demo version of the game and it would end here and one thing that i encountered was when the tutorials in the battle where show i immediately clicked them away maybe make them harder to click away just an idea but i really like the game over all keep it up mutch love :D 

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I'm assuming this has been fixed:
but a while ago I tried playing the game a few times (On Windows) but every time I relaunched it I had to start a new game otherwise it would crash, I saw other people had commented the same thing so I didn't complain.

Really want to play it again but don't want to start from the start every single time.
So is this an issue that's been fixed, or is it an unknown cause only affecting a few people?

P.S. Can not wait until this game is released on steam

thanks for bringing this up. 

The save load crash has been fixed as of 3.5 hotfix, and people who own the paid version can skip to the latest content.

When we get to version 0.5, I believe it will be ready for steam

Do you happen to have an ETA of when that will be? (The 0.5v)
Not to pressure you or anything, I understand it requires a lot of time and effort, simply hoping to get an approx. wait time!

I'm really hoping for winter 2023 but, it depends on alot of external factors


The gallery is showing only the orc form

Is that correct?


will this ever be available on mac


Will have for Android?

I'm at the chapter where you play as the wolf; In the caslte, I'm trying to get inside Marley's room to pregress and I've gotten the key multiple times but there no prompt for it or anything. I don't know if I'm just being dumb or if this is a glich, but ether way, help please. 

The problem is that you grabbed the key multiple times. I put out a hotfix that fixes this bug, so you can only grab the key once. (The game checks to see if you have 1x of marleys key. If you have more, then the check fails)

Well since I saved sometime after that happened is there any for me to reload to before I got to the castle or atleast restart the chapter, seeing as using continue on the main menu just send me back to that accidental save(I tried dying already)

I will be releasing an update with the ability to do that

Hi, similar bug on the crashed ship level. Apparently, if you save on the edge of the map where you change cells, spawning in causes your character to be stuck in a permanent falling animation that can only move left and right. No jumping, no biting, and no dying either. Falling off does not kill you. Hopefully your planned update bypasses this but I'd figure I'd let you know.

Was keen on giving this a go but, sadly, it seems like wine is not having a good time with it. Once I click “new game -> yes, play tutorial” I get a white square covering the top right of the screen which is otherwise black.

Don’t know what that it. Tried fiddling about with the usual (DXVK, couple different wine builds) but no such luck. Still interested in trying again if someone can point me in the right direction

You mentioned wine. Are you referring to the Windows emulator for Linux? If so, you will need to ensure you have all of the other dependencies that windows needs. Ensure you run windows update and have all of the Microsoft visual c runtime packages. Sorry if this isn't the most direct answer, but the problem is with Wine.

Yeah, I figure something weird is going on with wine itself. It’s quite rare these days but, alas, sometimes it does happen. Not sure it’s outright missing stuff because I’d imagine it wouldn’t launch if that was the case. But may be that Heavy Hearts in particular has some finickyness with dll versions or whatnot.

I might play around with it some more, see if I can trick it into working properly. If I figure something out I’ll be sure to update here

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For me it worked using the default “Gaming” prefix using Bottles. Here’s everything you’ll need:



I’d be more keen on figuring out what that’s doing and replicate it in Lutris rather than getting yet another bottle manager but this is a great place to start, thx. Will have a fiddle about


Will the game be ported to android?

Heavy Hearts Latest Version: 0.4+hotfix
using xbox controller/windows10

play invasion tutorial

in big wall of text pressed A button - game menu popped up - pressed resume

notification about game controlls are in upper text window but game does not recognize any movement input keyboard or controller anymore


not pressing anything expect X - not stuck but if i press B or A ingame menu pops up  -  there are operation settings but i don't know which one is to disable menu for A/B

conclusion 1st controller experience is bad :|

Game is still in alpha stages, and is only compatible with keyboard. Controller support is something that will happenw hen game is more fleshed out.

You can rebind keys with F1 in the meantime.


Why i can't download the latest spicey Version although i paid for the old Version?


You are not the only person to have this issue. Im not sure what it causing this. You have two options, contact me on discord and i will help you, and also contact itchio support.

hey, I'm having the same issue. Just joined your discord server, hope you can help me out. Thanks

Where exactly is the gallery located, I have checked in the cabin but there is no option to access the gallery. Using version 04-spicey

Interact with the Chair.



Shame there's no android version for this gem.

I ended up downloading the game, but every time I tried to load my file the game would completely crash and close, there any known fixes for that?

a new version of the public build will be out on the 22nd

Oh, cool, keep up the great work, also love the interesting way you've done world traversal, with a mix of 2d sprites with a 3d world

i have the game downloaded, and the app is saying it can launch, but it isn't and a notif is saying im missing a some files, redownloading isn't fixing it either, does someone know how i can fix this?

(1 edit)

You Have to go into the folder labeled "MSVCR Error- Common Missing DLLS" and move which ever file you are missing out of the folder and into the games main folder That being the "HeavyHearts035SpicyHotfix04". The "MSVCR" folder can be found in the "HeavyHearts035SpicyHotfix04" folder

The game crashes any time i try to save or load a save. lost progress 3 times to this. Hope it gets fixed next patch


Hey for some reason it sometimes wont save and when I try to load, the game crashes.

how do i fix lag like the frames are all choppy.

(Version 0.3.5) On the third level, if you interact with the disguise stuff and choose not to disguise, your player portrait stays on screen after the dialog box. If you save in that state, the save is corrupted and will crash when you try to load it.

Also, I can't seem to pause in the first level.

thank you.

Hi, awesome game, I just wanted to ask this but, I paid for the spicy version a while back but now i can only download the Public version? Do I have to pay again to access that version again?


nope, you should have access to the game no matter what once you buy it.

There should be a notice at the top of the game page saying "you own this game"

yep it does, but when I click the download button, the next page just shows me the public version of the file to download. The spicy version not there.


there should be a link below the buy button that said "I already paid for this game ".

Also, check that you are on the same account you were when you bought it

(1 edit)

thanks for all the replies man, but it could be because its part of a bundle why i cant get to it. I also made sure im on the account I bought the game with and it just gives me this

Anyways, Ill just wait it out. I much appreciate you trynna help tho! Love the game!

This looks pretty amazing honestly, if I ever again get money hah, I will definitely support you on Patreon, dammitbird!

thank you friend. Join the discord if you can, and keep up with the development


On the very first page of prologue: "An unexplainable DIETY appeared..." are you sure you didnt mean "deity"? Idk tho im not even english lol.

Dude... this looks awesome! Really hope you add a ton of content and finish this one. Love these type of games 😄
+1 supporter/ follower. 


this made me really happy to read. Thank you =)

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So uhhh... got some feedback for you about boot up. 
...Is this game for x32 or x64bit systems?... the download didn't say...

Because let me tell ya, I had a hell of a time getting this to play unfortunately.😆
Had to take a crash course on .dll files that took like 2 hrs... :/ That's a first lol.😄
But hey... got it to play in the end. ^_^ I win!
I play on a laptop x64bit. Windows 10.

Starting it up after download I had the errors:
- Missing msvcp120.dll
- Missing msvcr120.dll
- Missing vcruntime140.dll

But here's where it got complicated and weird...
"Even though these files were already on my system and just needed to be copied into the game folder for them to work... these errors popped up anyway" 🙃

It's like the game itself didn't know where to look on my system for the .dll files I already had...
They were right where they should have already been but the game thought they were missing lol. Unless I placed them in the game folder instead. (yes I checked. I already had the correctly named .dll files before installing anything in C:/windows/system32)
There shouldn't have been any errors or issues. 

The game simply wasn't finding them for some reason even though they were already there.

 That's why I ask if this was meant for x64 or not...
Doesn't seem like it lol. That would explain why I had sooo much trouble and the game couldn't find the .dll files lol.

To make sure it worked I did the following full process anyway:

Just to be sure...
1. install MS Visual C++ x86 (32bit) first
(Luckily x64bit systems have no trouble running this and it's actually recommended to have on them also. This I didn't know.)

2. and then for x64 systems, just in case, re-install MS Visual C++ x64 next (This was definitely already installed and up to date on my system though. I play games often on it.) 

Then I needed to copy and paste the correct .dll files that were noted in the error box on games startup. From the folder you included of missing .dll and from windows/system32 to the games root folder. This is what really did the trick.

Otherwise it would just give me boot up errors like crazy anyway asking for .dll files that were already in my windows/system32 folder aka on my device properly and worked fine for other games. :/ 

Sorry if I repeated myself a little bit.. My head is still spinning from everything I just went though tonight trying to get it to simply work lol. >_<

Thought hopefully though that my feedback would help you solve any problems with other people having these errors if I was as thorough as possible what was going wrong and what I had to do to solve it.

Really really hope this helps resolve the boot up issues for certain devices in the next update so people can play on startup without going through this without all the issues xD
I play games, not program them lol..

I just wouldn't want people to get discouraged from even playing your game simply because they couldn't open the game after installing. That's all. I'm just trying to help. I'm not upset or anything. I found this to be rather educational actually.

Learned a new trick xD

- If a game doesn't want to work, move the appropriate .dll files the game needs and uses, into the game folder instead if you have them. Fixed it like a charm lol.😃

Really really hope this helps. Sorry for the long letter explaining all that. I know, I know. Probably overkill. Just trying to help. It didn't help that when I wrote this I was extremely tired from lack of sleep and being up all night trying to figure that out lol and texting this feedback. I need sleep lol.

(1 edit)

Finally got around and got a moment to try out your little gem of a game today. Just wanted to say, the combat is fun. Wasn't expecting the animated h-scenes. That was a welcome surprise. Love the world map overview. Very cool. The way the story is handled is interesting Like she has amnesia and suppressed memories what happened locked away in crystals throughout the map. Neat.Kinda like a important side quest to remember what happened... for those that want to know 😉

I'd get some screenshots of some bugs but... well... I'm a game version behind. Seems pointless to bother you with old version bugs. Sorry man, I couldn't afford the game yet... Gas prices are killing me right now. I'm living on my bottom dollar. 

Just... keep up the good work. This game is on my to buy list. Thank you and the team. Haven't played a game like this in what feels like forever. Hope you get the boot up problems weeded out and fixed. Just include the .dll with the game if you have to lol. 😄That would be an easy way to gaurantee it works for everyone... I think lol... I don't know how these things work. You sure as hell do though. Good on ya.

Have a great day! 


Join the discord. Thats where most fans hang out

how soon is, coming to steam soon? is it in this year or get it now, and not wait for six months?

what is the difference between spicy and regular?

more explicit content

Did anybody figure out what to do in the cave on level 4? With the robot and the power source and the campsite and the enemy hidden in the walls nearby the robot?? Am I missing something or is this not available in public? Either way, some help would be appreciated.

Its all set up for future updates. You arent missing anything but getting a peek at future side quests and story. 

Alright, cool! Thanks!


Is there any way i can get the spicy build for free pls like a earlier build i am really broke hope you can make an exception for pls:)

I doubt you'll get it for free but I just wanted to agree that I believe the price for the spicy version is much too high right now. 

Nah, there isnt a way to get the spicy version free. But do know if you buy the game once, you will never have to pay for it again. All future spicy updates will be your's. If you wanna see what progress is being made and such, id suggest joining the discord where you can talk to the dev, suggest art refernces for scenes, talk about the game with others, and more.

i know this bug is quite common and i haven't had it for a long time, but
now it's back. when i press continue the game crashes does anyone know how i can fix this without 
losing my progress

it's a bug known in the Public version. It will be gone next update

Thanks ^o^

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

This game has a lot of promise to it!
- The sprite-work and art is very high-quality and I think everyone should be commended for it! Luccia's character-design is also very nice!
- I really dig the soundtrack so far! Hearing rock music in this game rather than the bog-standard RPG Maker defaults I'm used to hearing was a very pleasant experience!
- The fighting is fun to play and the elemental weaknesses that have been included so far makes for a great strategic element!

However, there's a few things about this game that are admittedly quite disappointing that I am hoping will be addressed in future versions of the game.

- The game's got an adult/erotic focus and yet there's no attempts on the end of the enemies to seduce Luccia during combat/tease moves for Luccia to defeat enemies by making them too aroused to fight. If you're billing a game on it being an action-game with NSFW content why shy away from it during an integral part of the gameplay?
- There's no female enemies to fight in the game which is really strange since it negatively effects enemy & scene variety by not including them and it draws away potential customers. I've seen people straight up refuse to play NSFW games unless they feature both male and female enemies and some games even let you customize the options so you can only fight males or only fight females.
- Showcasing the MC transformed into an orc in the previews only to reveal it's a disguise in-game is a little bit problematic IMO 'cause it led me to believe there was some kind of corruption scene you got if Luccia lost to an orc, something that some other NSFW games I've played *did* incorporate. I personally don't really care whether or not it's here but one of the most popular NSFW games of all time had a big emphasis on MC transformations into different monster-species (Corruption of Champions) and I'd imagine players of that might be expecting something akin to that if they see that screenshot.

I'll bookmark this game and return to it every once in a while! Think it has a lot of promise but I don't think it will be a truly great game without at least the first two criticisms I have addressed, hope my feedback is taken on-board.


thanks for the comments, thunder. I appreciate the input.  I'd like to point out that this game is not trying to be like other games by having enemy seduction or combat related lewds. Also, on part of the Orc disguise, one might want to assume less.

Again, thanks for the input. I note all feedback down for future ideas.


To be frank if your not going to do combat related lewds, I see little point in having a knockdown mechanic.
It just gives false hope there will be lewds sense you point out how it makes her vulnerable. But instead it just gives the enemy free hits. 

Not that its the only problem sense theres a critical bug in the demo with loading a save sometimes crashing the game.

i had an account that was abunch of rendom letters and numbers and i bought this game and forgot that i was on the account XD


Why was my last comment deleted?


The game doesn't save and crashes when I select "load". Please advise.

hey i have a glitch that lets game completley in black but there is white box the top right

it's an issue with how your computer displays information.

Ensure you are running Windows Update, have the latest directx, and Microsoft visual c runtime.


The fighting animation during a battle gets blurred out by a large block. Nice game otherwise, added it to my wishlist, will buy when it's ready for steam

Same here. I can't see what's going on at all in fights.


Whenever I try to load a save the game immediately crashes. Plz send help.


Game crashes whenever I try to load a save file. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Same here, not sure what the issue is but I'll let you know if I manage to find a solution. (☞゚∀゚)☞


I can't run the game any time I install it I end up with a folder labeled MSVCR error- Common missing dlls containing: msvcp120.dll





how do I fix this problem?

those files are there in case you don't have them. Try moving them into the games root folder. 

If that doesn't work, try windows update

Usually this error occurs when your Windows box is missing a version of Visual C++ Redistributable 64 or 32 bit. Not sure what this game requires. You could try to fix it by placing the files into the base folder, but running the VC Redist packages from Microsoft should fix this issue.

If I get the hot and spicy version, will that carry over to steam?

Each copy is on an independent platform.

Alright, thanks for clarifying that.

I ran into a bug in level 7. I know full well that this a demo and stops after flying to the doggo wolves and that anything past that point is "well what do you expect" but this is a really bad bug and I accidentally saved just before it jumping over the pits and now I can't jump, pause, or do much of anything except admire the scenery from the bottom of the screen and move back and forth. What I like to know is that when you eventually patch the game to have more content, fix bugs and all that fun stuff, will my problem be fixed or do I have to start over for the 3rd time cause of locking myself previously in an unwinnable situation again. I really don't want to do all that again unless it's a problem with saves and updates! Also... while I am typing here, about how much of the gallery is available in Spicy mode and did I unlock everything I could... even if that is hardly a question you can tell me!... I think

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